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Important Information for Union Member Insureds and PacFed Employees

Important message from

Jim Garrison, President
Pacific Federal, LLC
a Zenith American company

March 20, 2020

Important Information for Union Member Insureds and PacFed Employees

Operations at Zenith American Solutions (Zenith) and PacFed Benefit Administrators (PacFed) are deemed essential. So that we may provide access to the services our members and their families depend on, Zenith and PacFed offices in California will remain open at this time. As the situation with coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to develop, Zenith and PacFed are prepared and ready to assist.

We are taking multiple steps to minimize health risks and serve your needs during this difficult time. Employees that are already working remotely will continue to do so. Our Zenith and PacFed management teams, in coordination with Zenith incident response teams, will continue to work towards increased remote-work capabilities where feasible. The Zenith legal team will continue to monitor the situation and update California offices if this changes.

We support the California Governor’s stay-at-home order announced on March 19, 2020 and will continue to put the health and safety of our members, employees and communities first.

Effective Immediately! The following changes are implemented to minimize potential exposures to our employees and the public:

MEMBER WALK-INS – Member walk-ins are not allowed at any of our offices at this time. All offices should have signs posted on the front door notifying visitors of this policy and providing an alternate method to contact someone for assistance. It is critical for all employees to follow this procedure and not allow any walk-ins at our offices.

VISITORS – Outside visitors, including family members, are not allowed access to our offices. An exception may be made for certain vendors providing deliveries and service needs. These must be limited to essential business operations and pre-approved by the office manager/lead.

ON-SITE MEETINGS – All on-site meetings must be cancelled or conducted via conference call. In addition, all group employee training sessions must be conducted via conference call.

HANDWASHING/CLEANING OFFICE SURFACES – Although we are restricting access to our offices, it is important to continue to practice handwashing, cleaning of common office surfaces and social distancing according to CDC guidelines.

CLEANING OF OFFICES – We have directed our office management teams to ensure those cleaning our office spaces are using appropriate cleaning supplies and procedures. We have also established protocols to have a space deep-cleaned if we know of a confirmed COVID-19 exposure in one of our offices.

Please be assured that Zenith and PacFed remain committed to serving your needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. As new developments emerge, we will continue to share information with you while providing the best possible service. Thank you and stay well.

Zenith American Solutions and PacFed Benefit Administrators

Pacific Federal is a subsidiary of Zenith American Solutions.